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Slab cutter

Product Name :

Slab cutter


Sinyoung efficient, durable and easy-to-maintain slab cutter can save costs, increase output and ensure product quality. It is usually set up in the first step of size reduction, to cut rubber field lump/undried sheet into loose, cleaner and smaller pieces.

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     Different models can be selected upon the hardness and size of rubber lump.

 Both rotary knives and fixed knives are lined with high-strength wear-resistance alloy





动刀直径 Diameter of rotary knife


动刀厚度 Thickness of knife



- Precise matching: We tailor the right tool diameter, knife thickness and power to ensure optimal crushing results according to the shape, storage time and use of the slab cutter.

- Durable and wear-resistant: We select high-quality parts, from large parts such as reducers, motors, bearings, couplings, etc., to small parts such as V-belts, bolts, sealing rings, etc., we all choose high-quality suppliers' products to ensure the stable and reliable operation of your slab cutter. We are also overlaying wear-resistant materials on the surface of the knife and fixed knife to extend the service life of your slab cutter.
- Easy maintenance and replacement: Our quick-change parts design allows you to easily disassemble and assemble the tooling assembly, fixed tool, bearings and couplings, reducing your downtime. We also have oil injection and discharge holes in the housings for efficient grease changes.
-We not only provide quality products, but also excellent services. We will provide you with professional technical guidance and solutions according to your actual situation. We will also visit you regularly to understand your usage and feedback, and deal with the problems you encounter in a timely manner. 

           Dia: 300mm                                                       Dia: less than 50mm