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Rubber Shredder

Product Name :

Rubber Shredder


Used to produce wet crumb after creper.


Feeding roller improved to avoid jamming Roller surface heat treatment Dynamic balance,running smoothly

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2 ton/hour

3 ton/hour

4 ton/hour

5 ton/hour

10 ton/hour









110-132 kw

110-132 kw

132-160 kw

250-315 kw



                                      Easy to continuously feeding                                               Dia: less than 3 mm


A good shredder with a proper crepe unit can chop the crepe into uniform and fine particles, preventing the generation of drying white spot. Our shredder has the following features:

 - Excellent performance: Our shredder can handle raw materials of various hardness and humidity, whether it is very hard raw materials that have been stored for a long time, or fresh and wet raw materials, it can be easily shredded.

-Unique structure: our shredder is equipped with knife plate linkage adjustment mechanism, you only need to rotate the handwheel, you can adjust the gap between the knife plate and the roller to ensure the formation of fine particles. Our shredders also have a unique structure that prevents the strip from falling into the pool and causing white spot.

- Durable components: Our shredder use high-quality parts to ensure stable operation and long life of the equipment. Our rollers are made of cast steel and are specially treated for high strength and wear resistance. Our reducers, motors, bearings and other large parts are selected from well-known brands at home and abroad, with reliable performance and long life. Our small parts such as V-belts, bolts, seals and other