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Rubber creper/roller mill

Product Name :

Rubber creper/roller mill


Designed to reduce rubber sheet/blanket water content and their thickness for processing creper sheet or for further ribbing, granulating process


Anti-corrosive, casting, hardened components maximize the engine’s working life; Appropriate motor capacity selected reduces both buyers’ cost of investment and electric consumption; Different grooves give buyer more alternatives; Same design and structure of both machines minimize spares stocks; Simple construction favours operation and maintenance.

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2 ton/hour

3 ton/hour

4 ton/hour

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The creper is a kind of equipment for the production of creper, which can pass the extruded rubber raw material through the pressure and friction of the roller to form crepe sheets of different thickness. Our creper have the following features: 


 -The rollers of each machine have different speed ratios, speeds, and patterns, so that the thickness of the crepe can meet the production requirements and create conditions for improving the output of the production line.

- Our creper adopts high-quality materials and components, which guarantees the durability and stability of the equipment. The rollers are ductile iron, which is both wear-resistant and easy to feed. Large parts such as reducers, motors, bearings, couplings, and small parts such as V-belts, bolts, and sealing rings are selected from high-quality suppliers, which improves the life of components and prolongs the effective production time.

 - Our crepe machines are designed with quick parts changes to reduce downtime. Key components such as bearings, couplings, gears, pulleys and other key components can be quickly replaced by disassembling nuts for easy maintenance.