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Dry prebreaker machine

Product Name :

Dry prebreaker machine


The machine is the final processing unit before balling packaging, it is used to produce higher quality crumb rubber by means of reducing its water content and white spot remaining from previous drying stage.


The housing contains a set of fly knife fixed on the main shaft, three sets of fixed knife in the housing. The fly knives are arranged spirally along the shaft, the edge of the knives assumes certain slop. When the shaft rotates, the rubber is broken by the fly and the fixed knives and is then pushed forward to the discharge end by the action of axial thrust. A screen plate is installed at the discharge end and the rubber is squeezed out from the screen plate holes in a long strip form, the heat generated during shearing, friction and squeezing decrease the water content and white spot, meanwhile increase its consistency.

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± Used to process compound rubberCV rubber and RT rubber
± Installed after the dryer to reduce the white spot