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Multi-fuel trolley dryer

Product Name :

Multi-fuel trolley dryer


To dry crumb rubber thoroughly by 100-130℃ hot air generated by burner or stove and delivered by blower fans to each trolley inside the drying tunnel


Multi-fuel: Diesel (LNG) or coal can be used separately or simultaneously. Automatic operation and monitoring: temperature and time even the sequence of start and stop of the fans are controlled by the pre-set program. user can check the history data of temperature sensing points


Load rubber granules from shredder into the trolley by conveyor, bring the trolley with full load into the dry tunnel one after one by pusher, push the trolley containing dried rubber out from the dry tunnel by pusher when the rubber is well dried, life the trolley boxes by electric hoist, remove the independent rubber bales to the baling area and reload the trolley on the track outside the dry tunnel for another drying cycle.

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- Excellent performance. The uniform air volume and temperature distribution in our drying tunnel ensure that each piece of rubber achieves the desired drying result. Our temperature control system uses advanced technology to keep the temperature stable at the set value without large fluctuations due to the external environment or other factors.

- Safety measures to prevent the occurrence of fires. In the process of design and manufacture, our dryer fully considers the possibility and hazard of fire, and takes a variety of measures to prevent fire. For example, when the thermostat fails, our dryer automatically cuts off the gas supply and sends an alarm signal at the same time. When workers misoperate, our dryer will have multiple protection devices to prevent excessive temperature or spark ignition. When workers leave their posts, our dryer will have a timer shutdown function to avoid being left unattended for a long time.

- Increase component life and increase effective production time. Our drying line adopts high-quality parts, from large parts such as fans, burners, motors, to electrical components, V-belts, bearings, bolts, seals and other small parts, all select high-quality suppliers' products, to ensure the stable operation and durability of the drying line. Our trolleys are all made of stainless steel, which can withstand acid corrosion and extend the service life.

 - In the case of 24-hour operation, only a small amount of maintenance is required. Our dryer is reasonably designed, simple to operate and easy to maintain.