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Coal / wood/palm shell stove

Product Name :

Coal / wood/palm shell stove


Coal /wood /palm shell stove dryer can be the best economic choice due to the operation cost is only 1/3 of diesel dryer Temperature automatically controlled Easy transformation: It is easy to change existing diesel dryer line into coal stove/ palm shell dryer line Due to no steam boiler, the operation is simple and safe 4.Environment:low exhaust impurities

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 Six strong advantages

1.        Low coal stove consumption
Less than 100kg coal per ton of Dry rubber
2.       With the cycling warm air drying system
Most warm air can be recycled, and low emission.
3.       Automatic temperature control
Limits of temperature wave is ±1℃
4.       Single coal stove
Only Equips one coal stove for 1 drying line or several drying line to save the initial investment
5.       Many choice for the fuel
With functions of change to gas,fuel or coal anytime, or you can use them at the same time.
6.       Owning more than 30 user, ranking the first in the industry
We improve our product quality continuously for experience by more than 30 users.