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Auto packing line for TSR 20 production line

Product Name :

Auto packing line for TSR 20 production line




Say goodbye to heavy muanl work and have easy human resources management


consist of belt conveyor, auto bale press ,PE auto-sealing machine(auto wrapping) metal detector,weight check till to the forming box.


provide the customized designing service for your automatic goals

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The role of TSR packaging line is not only to package TSR products, but also to play an important role in controlling the quality of TSR products. We fully understand the requirements of rubber factories for TSR product quality control, combined with years of experience in developing automated packaging lines, and integrate mature and cost-effective automatic conveying equipment with traditional TSR product packaging line equipment, which helps to reduce the errors of manual quality inspection and reduce the labor intensity of workers.


We can also provide complete automated packaging solutions according to the needs of rubber factories to reduce the number of employees.


main machinery: auto baling press,PE auto wrap&sealing machine,metel detector, palletsing robot