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Sinyoung has supplied TSR processing lines to over 100 factories worldwide since 1994.

Over the years, engineers from Sinyoung have been stationed at local rubber processing factories in Africa for extended periods, aiding users in equipment maintenance and actively participating in the production process. This hands-on experience has allowed Sinyoung to gain comprehensive insights into the users' requirements for production equipment. African rubber processing factories boast significant production capacities (5-10 tons/hour), abundant but low-quality raw materials, challenging processing conditions, and equipment running non-stop 24/7. This environment has enabled Sinyoung's engineers to accumulate invaluable experience in extending equipment lifespan and minimizing maintenance downtime.

Sinyoung's natural rubber processing equipment is designed for efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance. It not only saves costs and boosts production but also ensures product quality, catering to the needs of production lines of varying scales.