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SINYOUNG, a TSR rubber processing equipment manufacturing company founded in 1994. Its professional team, comprehensive facilities, and reliable product quality control system help it make its way to the top in TSR rubber equipment manufacturing industry in the world. At the mean time, SINYOUNG also serves customers with advice on rubber processing, machinery installation and trainings, guidance for their technicians. SINYOUNG has provided more than 100 sets of TSR rubber processing lines in 25 years. Not only rounded systems for traditional product but also advanced automation solutions for TSR rubber processing tailored for customer’s specific requirement.


We have sent engineers to assist our customers in maintaining production equipment and participating in their production process in the rubber factory for a long time, so we have the opportunity to fully understand the customer's demand for production equipment.


Sinyoung efficient, durable and easy-to-maintain natural rubber processing equipment can save costs, improve output and ensure product quality for you, which can meet the needs of your production lines of different sizes.


We not only provide high-quality products, but also provide high-quality services: 

we will provide you with professional technical guidance and solutions according to your actual situation. 

We will also visit you regularly to understand your usage and feedback, and deal with the problems you encounter in a timely manner.


If you are interested in our machines, please contact us. We will provide you with a detailed product introduction and quotation. We look forward to cooperating with you to provide you with the most satisfactory products and services.